Our prophet childhood place -House of Haleema Sadia Razi Allah Anha
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Our prophet childhood place -House of Haleema Sadia Razi Allah Anha

Our prophet childhood place -House of Haleema Sadia Razi Allah Anha 845 Views

Relationship with Muhammad[edit] Aminah bint Wahb the mom of the Muhammad was looking forward to the arrival of Banu Sa'd the ladies within the tribe of Banu Sa'd were wet nurses. They would go ahead and take children of Mecca to your desert and help them learn the classical Arabic inturn they would get a salary in the family from the child in Mecca.[2] No one would take him to him when he was an orphan so they'd not be handed a salary to deal with him. Halimah felt sad that each women her tribe had received a kid except her. So she informed her husband al-Harith "By God it can be oppressive for me to return to my companions with out a new infant to nurse. Surely I shall return and consider the orphan boy and accept him." Her husband replied "There will be no blame in the event you did so it maybe that God will bless us to suit your needs doing so."[3] Immediately after accepting him, blessing located her and family. Her husband's flock within a time of great famine was healthy and producing milk as the rest from the people's flock's were dying.[3] A strange and mysterious event happened when he was 5yrs old. Muhammad's foster brother was messing around with him then suddenly Halimah and husband saw their son (Muhammad's foster brother) came running back and shouted "two men put on white grabbed my buddy and cut his chest." So then Halimah and Al-Harith ran to Muhammad found him pale faced. When they asked him so what happened, he stated "Two men came and opened my chest and took some of it"[3] After this happened, Halimah took Muhammad time for Mecca and told his mother of how it happened. Then she knew that she was special and would get older to be someone great and special.[4] She later accepted Islam following the Battle of Huyanh.

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