Beautiful View Of Makkah from Ghar E Hira (Cave)
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Beautiful View Of Makkah from Ghar E Hira (Cave)

Beautiful View Of Makkah from Ghar E Hira (Cave) 154 Views

Hira (Arabic: حراء‎ Ḥirāʾ ) or Cave of Hira (غار حراء Ġār Ḥirāʾ ) can be a talus cave about 3 kilometres (2 mi) from Mecca, around the mountain named Jabal al-Nour inside the Hejaz region of present-day Saudi Arabia. It is notable to be the location where Muslims believe Muhammad received his first revelations and where Quran was revealed, from God from the angel Jibril (Arabic: جِبرِيل ) (alternatively spelled Jabraeel, جبرائيل , out of the box pronounced using Quran recitation schools plus some Arab tribes). In English, Jibril is recognized as Gabriel, as well as in Hebrew as גַּבְרִיאֵל

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