Battle of Uhud - ghazwa e ohad - Nearly 70 Sahaba [RA] were Martyred in Battle of Uhud
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Battle of Uhud - ghazwa e ohad - Nearly 70 Sahaba [RA] were Martyred in Battle of Uhud

Battle of Uhud - ghazwa e ohad - Nearly 70 Sahaba [RA] were Martyred in Battle of Uhud 122 Views

The Battle of Uhud (Arabic: غزوة أحد‎ Ġhazwat ‘Uḥud) became a battle between early Muslims in addition to their Quraish Meccan enemies in AD 624 inside the northwest on the Arabian peninsula. Many Muslims were killed and also the battle was considered a setback with the Muslims. The battle was fought on Saturday, 22 December 624 (7 Shawwal AH 3 inside the Islamic calendar) in the valley situated in front of Mount Uhud.[5] It occurred from your force from your Muslim community of Medina led with the Islamic prophet Muhammad, as well as a force led by Abu Sufyan ibn Harb from Mecca, town from which many with the Muslims had previously emigrated. The Battle of Uhud was the other military encounter between Meccans along with the Muslims, preceded with the Battle of Badr in 624, the place where a small Muslim army had defeated a greater Meccan army. Marching from Mecca towards Medina on 10 December AD 624, the Meccans planned to avenge their losses at Badr and strike back at Muhammad with his fantastic followers. The Muslims readied for war soon afterwards and also the two armies fought for the slopes and plains of Mount Uhud. Whilst outnumbered, the Muslims gained the first initiative and forced the Meccan lines back, thus leaving much in the Meccan camp unprotected. When the battle looked being only one step from a decisive Muslim victory, a significant mistake was committed by the part on the Muslim army, which altered the outcome on the battle. A breach of Muhammad's orders with the Muslim archers, who left their assigned posts to despoil the Meccan camp, allowed a surprise attack through the Meccan cavalry, led by Meccan war veteran Khalid ibn al-Walid, which brought chaos on the Muslim ranks. Many Muslims were killed, and Muhammad himself was badly injured. The Muslims were forced to withdraw within the slopes of Uhud. The Meccans didn't pursue the Muslims further, but marched back in Mecca declaring victory. For the Muslims, the battle would have been a significant setback. Although they have been close to routing the Meccans a second time, their breach of Muhammad's orders for collecting Meccan spoils reaped severe consequences. The two armies would meet again in AD 627 on the Battle on the Trench.[

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